Doug Harms gives an interview on Pigeon Press the PLAY button to listen in.

Note:  The video runs about 1 hour.  The first half hour features Bert Oostlander of Global Pigeon Supply.  The second half hour features Chad Compton of Gray  Fox and Doug Harms Lofts and their Peter Van Osch Janssens.  Please visit PIGEONTV.COM for your racing pigeon entertainment needs.

Note:  This video runs about 15 minutes. It was made for a friend of mine, shortly after I moved near St. Louis Missouri. It shows my small loft and birds. Thanks Chad (Gray Fox Loft)


Part 2/3

Part 3/3

Note:  This video was made June 22nd, 2008. It shows Chad and Doug having fun on race day. You will see 3 birds clocked in this 20 minute video. The first two clocked (A race on a drop) were 07 KCL 3806 and 06 RRV 254. 3806 went on to win 2nd place AU HALL OF FAME. 254 won 4 times 1st combine. The 3rd bird clocked, (Brace) 07 KSM 240 won 3 times 1st including 1st place Midwest Classic (300 mile section).

part 2/2