The Susie Devriendt family has been fixture in the Gray Fox Loft since 2000 when I acquired “Bobbie” AU 98 LSL 3366 from my good friend Terry Rhyne. Bobbie was bred by Bob Carlock and flew in the Belleville one loft race finishing equal 2nd in 1998. Bobbie is bred down from the Famous Susie (IF 80 BAC 4976) Owned by Randall Berky. Bobbie bred some outstanding racers in her lifetime including Michael an AU ELITE CHAMPION. Her children have proven to be superstars in the breeding loft and
cross well with many families. Michael has proven to be just as effective in producing exceptional pigeons. His babies seem to be better breeders of breeders then his mother.

As you look through the pedigrees of the Susie Devriendt family you will see this is not a straight bred family. I have introduced some other strains into this blood just like Bob Carlock did. You will see the traditional Devriendt blood, HVR, Stuart Brown, Van Hee, Janssens and more crossed in. For some reason when I tried to inbred this family super tight most of the birds were culled. When I did get a good one from inbreeding it was VERY GOOD but most were removed around the age of 6 months.

Consider a Susie Devriendt to cross into your family of birds. I am sure you will find great results! This is the best cross I have found yet for my Peter van Osch birds.

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