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Some recent results from our Peter Van Osch breeders listed at bottom of page.

In a very short time this Racing Pigeon family has proven to be outstanding!  Our Racing Pigeons have been a success.

These Van Osch Janssens are parents and grandparents to multiple 1st place winners, including "Hob Along" who won 1st place Quad City Classic one loft race. 07 KSM 240 won 3 x 1st including 1st place Midwest Classic (300 mile section) vs 582b and 35th place overall vs 6010. 07 KSM 240 also won 17th place AU HALL OF FAME!

These racing pigeons where instrumental in Doug Harms loft winning 2nd place Presidents Cup 11-20 loft category and 5th place Presidents Cup 31-40 loft category in 2008. We have won first prizes with these Peter Van Osch birds by crossing them with Hekkenklaks, Van Loons, Cater Blues and Schellens.

We have won other top prizes by crossing them with other families. They have done well at distances from 100 to 500 miles with 500 mile day birds. All Peter Van Osch breeders are based on the "DE 43" Line. This is the same family that brought fame to Marcel Sangers who owns "THE SUPER BREEDER" which is a son of the "DE 43.

Please enjoy your visit, our racing pigeons, and contact us if you have any questions. Nice Regards Chad and Doug.


    Gray Fox Harms Racing Pigeon Elite

    Gray Fox Harms Racing Pigeon Elite

    Gray Fox Harms Racing Pigeon Elite

    Gray Fox Harms Racing Pigeon Elite

    Gray Fox Harms Racing Pigeon Elite

    Gray Fox Harms Racing Pigeon Elite

Chad Compton of  "Grayfox Loft" and Doug Harms of  "Harms Loft" are sharing some of our race results over the past 9 years.    We won 5th Place in the AU Historical Award of American Champion - All Distance,  2nd Place AU Presidents Cup,  9th Place AU Long Distance Ace Pigeon, which is an Opal color cock,  2nd, 3rd, and 8th Place AU Hall of Fame Birds,  7 individual AU Registered Elite Champions, one of which is Opal color Cock,  and 4 other AU Champions,  59 times 1st Place Average Speed Diplomas, 20 times 2nd average speed diplomas,   4 times First Place Master Loft,  2 times First Place Champion Loft,  15 times First Place Champion Bird,  in excess of 135 time First Place in Individual Races,  11  times individual daybirds on the 600 mile races,  22 times individual daybirds on the 500 mile,  and in excess of 883 times when individual birds placed in the top 5% to be awarded individual  AU diplomas and now  2015 samdpr hot spot 3 car winner  ''Harmsway'' .  We have won money in many one lost races and faturities in the United States and Canada.   We welcome you to visit our website at

Gray Fox Harms 2014 Vehicle Win

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